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We are an Information technology, consulting and business process services firm. Our reputation has grown to provide our clients a range of IT services in diverse sectors of businesses from small medium firms, charities and private to public sector enterprises/institutions. Foxcomm proudly say that our customer service is one of the best rated in UK.


Foxcomm has achieved a sterling reputation with its business partners delivering winning business outcomes through deep industry experience and a 360 degree view of "Business through Technology". We help our customers in every step of their growth cycle. You are in good hands; we support 200+ small firms on ad-hoc basis, and 60+ Managed Contracts over UK & Europe at present.

As like most business process firms Foxcomm had small and humble beginnings but that did not discourage us to dream big, we have been around for 8 years in the market to fill the demand of a managed IT service provider to those firms who do not have an in-house IT department. Starting from a small office in shepherds bush - London and then progressing to Holborn - London and then opening up aditional offices in the cities of Berlin and Milan. Foxcomm has always seen growth year after year because of our obsessive love of technology and our commitment towards seeking knowledge in the new arising technological advances.


What we do

Top MSPs are defined by top engineers and support staff. But sometimes the best isn’t good enough. All the IT acumen iout there won’t get you hired unless you are fanatical about great service, listen intently to clients and have an uncanny ability to create strong, accountable relationships.


Foxcomm searches for people who aren’t happy if their previous organisation is doing a mediocre job. If a client interaction doesn’t quite feel right, Foxcomm will do something about it. They think. They dare. They do. These people are not easy to find. But we are zealous about recruiting people who are determined to make a difference.

Our Culture


Foxcomm have multiple awards in different fields of information technology and managed support platforms in lending an extended hand towards a better more effieicent future for business operations, Such Success only comes when the entire unit is deteremind and obsessive towards achieving one goal,

Being ISO 27001 certified and based over UK and europe we can look after you along with our existing clients in three countries.

About our Journey